Buyer Representation

The trusted real estate closing professionals at Greater Boston Title have extensive experience in all aspects of residential real estate closings. Whether you are a first time homebuyer or a purchaser buying and selling simultaneously, our attorneys have the experience and expertise to get you from consultation to closing table in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Our concierge closing professional will serve as your single point of contact as we communicate with real estate agents, seller attorneys and lenders on your behalf throughout the closing process to ensure a smooth transaction and a timely closing. We protect your deposit by tracking your mortgage commitment date, reviewing your mortgage commitment letter and guiding you through the mortgage process.

Often times a lender or mortgage broker will provide buyers with their own attorney for closing. Our office works with all major lenders and we are on the approved attorney list for a most local banks and credit unions. We are frequently engaged by the lender to provide closing and escrow services on their behalf. Regardless of whether we represent the lender, our office can also represent the buyer on the same transaction for a reduced buyer representation fee saving you money on closing costs while streamlining the closing process. A real estate purchase can be a complex transaction. As such, we always recommend that home purchasers engage the services of an experienced buyer’s attorney when purchasing a home.

Our buyer representation services include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Offers to Purchase- Prepare and negotiate of Offers to Purchase
  • Purchase and Sale Contracts- Draft and negotiate Purchase and Sale Contracts and
  • Condominium Documents-Prepare and review Condominium Documents inclusive of Condominium By-laws, annual budgets and minutes from association meetings.
  • Document Preparation- Prepare powers of attorney, real estate trusts and Homestead Agreements
  • Dispute Resolution- Resolve any disputes that may arise prior to or at the closing table.
  • Protect your Deposit- Review your mortgage commitment letter and track your mortgage commitment date protecting your earnest money deposit throughout the mortgage process from consultation to closing table.

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Please contact one of our attorneys at 844-GB-TITLE for a free buyer’s consultation as well as information regarding our affordable flat-rate buyer representation fee.